Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 23.06.1947

Warsaw, 23.6.47

            Dear esteemed colleague,

            A moment ago I received your letter and the proofs done by Ms Gromska. I’ve already had the second copy of the proofs for three days, but haven’t done them yet. When I do, I’ll send both copies to Ajdukiewicz. In any case, I still have some doubts regarding language; I’m looking for someone here to resolve them ‒ if I don’t find someone, I imagine they have an expert in Poznan (Maszcza ?).

            The meeting in Lund was a complete success: twenty or so people from 11 countries, including many acquaintances from previous conventions, good lectures, good organisation, a pleasant atmosphere, everyone oriented to the currents of modern philosophy, and an easy journey besides; the sight of Swedish prosperity was extremely pleasant. It was only for me personally that it wasn’t completely successful: I left Warsaw with a slightly injured leg (so slightly that I paid no attention to it), but on the fourth day in Lund I developed a fever; it turned out to be an infection and I had to go to hospital. The penicillin treatment did its job quickly and I was still able to deliver my lecture (which was a surprise in any case: I found information about the lecture in the programme; previously they’d forgotten to notify me about it) and I was able to attend the conclusion of the session. As many of my colleagues came to see me in hospital, I found, despite everything, sufficient occasions to chat and obtain information. More than once I regretted that you weren’t there.

            Now exams are in full swing here, and when they’re over, I want to go and get a little rest, so it may be only at the beginning of August that I come to Cracow. Accordingly, it’ll probably be best if the dean gives tests on my behalf.

            Thank you very much as well for the interesting news regarding the Library of Classics and the Philosophical Society.

            I attach expressions of esteem and best regards

                                                                                                      W Tatarkiewicz