Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 24.01.1948

Warsaw 24.1.48

Dear esteemed colleague, I’ve received both letters, for which I thank you, and am writing back right away.

  1. First, as to Gawecki’s article, this is a complete misunderstanding. Of course, I didn’t delete the information about your activity in Cracow; just the opposite. Rather, I want to add certain details. However, I did delete an attempt at characterisation (eternally the same thing: ‘representative of phenomenology’, ‘disciple of Husserl’, etc.), because this characterisation, only more extensive, is already included in the article about Lviv, which will go in an earlier location.
  2. As for Quarterly, I’m glad that the matter has now been finalised. I’d gladly submit something for it, but it’s not possible at the moment; I have to concentrate on the third volume of History of Philosophy.
  3. The Ministry has not yet convened that philosophical meeting.
  4. As for the Amsterdam Congress, I fully support the idea that it should be organised by the Polish Academy of Learning and that the Academy should ask the Min. of Education about a subsidy and passports. I’ve even talked to the General Secr. about this. I myself want to go to the Congress. Actually, I’m sending a summary of the paper to the Committee. If the Board of the Polish Academy of Learning recommends me as its delegate, I’ll gladly accept. Naturally, when the Ministry holds that consultation, I’ll raise the matter of the Congress there as well.
  5. Naturally, it’s necessary to take advantage of the opportunity to publish the works of Fr Michalski in English, but this is independent of our edition.
  6. Has the matter of the Philosophical Commission finally been approved by the Board? Immediately following approval, I’d like us to 1) send out notifications to members; 2) create a ‘section of the History of Philosophy in Poland’ as part of the ‘Philosophical Commission’; 3) conduct an election of new associates; 4) launch the activities of the Commission in March (I want to spend almost all of that month in Cracow). Do you agree to this plan?

I attach a handshake

                                                                              W Tatarkiewicz