Letter to the Committee of the Library of Classics of Philosophy written 11.03.1952

Prof. R. Ingarden                         v                         v           v                       Krakow, 3/11/1952
Krakow, Biskupia 14
L 14/52

        v         To
        v                      The Editorial Committee of the Library of Classics of Philosophy at the SPI
        v                    Warsaw, Nowy Świat St. 35 apt. 4a


        v         1/. Please find attached herewith the full text of my paper “On the difficulties in translating the works of Classics of Philosophy”, presented in summary at a meeting of the Editorial Committee of the LCP on 1/15/1952.
        v         At the same time, I would like to ask if the the Editorial Committee of the LCP, or possibly the SPI, would be willing to publish this paper as an independent publication in the nearest future? I believe that a number of issues raised in it could prove useful for the LCP translators. In the event of a positive response I am readily willing to conclude an appropriate contract with the Editorial Committee. If, on the other hand, the Editorial Committee was not willing to publish this paper, then I would like to ask you for a prompt reply containing that information. I would then draw up a short summary to be enclosed with the minutes of the meeting on 1/15/1952, and try to publish the full paper elsewhere. For now, the full text of the paper can be attached to the minutes.
        v         2/. I confirm the receipt of 5 /in total/ instructions for translators, Świecławski’s translation of “Obiectiones et Responsies ” by Descartes, and the parcels containing copy paper. I would like to express my gratitude especially for the last one, as I could not obtain copy paper in Krakow. When I come to Warsaw for the next meeting of the Editorial Committee, I will reimburse the amount spent on it.
        v         3/. I am still working on proofreading the translation of Kant’s Prolegomena. I have finished almost half of it. Next week I intend to confer with Ms. Suchorzewska, and if she agrees to my corrections I think that you may proceed with the payment of her due royalties. For now, am not changing the central terms in the translation /Verstand, Anschauung etc./, same in my translation of Critique, first part of which I shall send in by 3/31. I shall leave in the old terminology. Only when I am done with the entire translation of “Critique” will I be able to finally decide on this matter. It seems too difficult and important to me to resolve it at this stage. I would like to have another meeting with Polish Philologists on this topic, as I mentioned before.
        v         4/. As for the matter of of prof. Świeżawski’s translation, I shall settle it after the author’s arrival in Krakow on 3/14.