Letter to the State Publishing Institute written 15.12.1951

Date of creation 15.12.1951
Related places Cracow, Warsaw
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Prof. R. Ingarden                  c                                  c                     Krakow, 12/15/1951
Krakow, Biskupia 14


State Publishing Institute
Department of Finance and Accounting
Warsaw, Foksal St. 17

I am also sending the amount of PLN 44.50 /forty-four zlotys 50/100/ via money order as a return of part of the travel expenses paid to me on 12/5/1951 /sleeping car/. I could not get a seat in the sleeping car on the train to Krakow that day. Therefore, I was forced to spend the night in Warsaw and only left on 12/6 on express train. The costs of this, of course, was much higher than the amount paid to me for the sleeping car, which I am returning. I believe that the SPI cannot demand from us to we spend two nights on a train, especially since on 12/5 I had another meeting in the afternoon at the Editorial Committee Office and I could not return to Krakow on the same day by express train. Therefore, if the SPI does not automatically pay for the sleeping ticket, it should provide for accommodation and per diem on the second day.


/prof. R. Inagrden/