Postcard from Bogdan Suchodolski written in 22.11.1944

Date of creation 22.11.1944
Related places Lviv, Warsaw
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Resource type postcard
Subject matter personal issues

Piaseczno, Pruszków post office
  c       Sienkiewicza 9

Dr Roman Ingarden
Pieskowa Skała, Sułoszowa post office
R.G.O. [Rady Głównej Opiekuńczej; Central Welfare Council] House   Krakau [German: Cracow] district

20/11/44. Dear Roman, I often think about you and remember our Lviv, which we’ll probably never see again. Only some miracle might change the fate of that borderland. But neither will we ever see Warsaw as it was. It’s simply unbelievable that this city could disappear. And how – and when – will it rise from the ruins? And will it be in the same place? It’s so difficult to foresee anything, and thus it’s so hard to see one’s own place in the future. And without seeing this it’s very difficult – for me, at least – to even think about abstract metaphysical issues. Since the uprising, I haven’t been able to find my equilibrium, although that event found me away from Warsaw. But many of the close friends of my youth will remain there forever. – I’d be glad to hear from you, but I don’t know whether this card is going to find you. I wrote to you recently on certain matters that already are no longer current. This was in July – but you weren’t able to write back yet. If this card has reached you – please let me know.          c Cordial kisses; I kiss your wife’s hand   Bogdan