Transfer of lecture written 19.05.1928

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Field logic

   c          MINISTRY OF
  c    AND PUBLIC EDUCATION         c            c            c                    To the Rectorate

IN WARSAW 19 May 1928             c            c            c            c   Jan Kazimierz University

No. IVSW-5070/28.                   c            c            c            c                    in Lviv.

In replies, reference should be made to the above number.
Commissioned lectures on logic for doctors.–

The 1-hour commissioned lecture on logic for doctors entrusted to docent Dr Roman Ingarden by the ordinance of 16/8/27 No. Nº IVSW-8549/27 in the 1st trimester of the acad. yr. 1927/28 is transferred by the Ministry to the 3rd trimester.–


Response to the letter
of 9/5/1928 no. 3136.–


 cACADEMIC SENATE AND RECTORATE       c   c   c   c   c    acting for the Departmental Director
 c      JAN KAZIMIERZ UNIVERSITY         c   c   c   c   c   c   c   c             L Buszkowski
   c            c         IN LVIV           c   c   c   c   c   c   c   c   c   c   c   c     (L. Buszkowski)
 c    c  c  RECEIVED 25/5/1928
 c   c  c  L. 3347 EX 27/28 ENCL.

State Printers No. 39498 11/1/28 20.000.