Letter from Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz written 06.10.1934

6.X 1934

Most Honoured and Dear Professor.

Thank you v[ery] much for your letter. After a break needed for reading in preparation for what I was writing (eine Artpopuläler Monadologie!) (an attempt at overcoming materialism),  part II, I moved on to “Lit[erarische] Kunstw[erk]”, and now I am writing a critique of Kotarbiński. I am quite motivated by it. My so-called “hauptwerk” is being printed at the Mianowski Fund – as soon as it arrives (I am plagued by bad luck) I will send it to you at once, without fail. What you write about overcoming Husserl’s idealism has knocked me off balance. I will now read larger parts. Do you know the piece by Fiuk in Kant-Studien? I have read it like an Indian romance from childhood. But I’ve understood what was going on. It is a pity that I cannot converse with you –  but maybe it will happen one day and I will make the promised portrait. I am writing the second part of my v[ery] risky novel. I am sending you my logical exhaust for assessment. How did you do at the Prague Congress – did you encounter the Carnapists?
I enclose words of deep respect, affection, and gratitude

 n                         S.I. Witkiewicz

The Witkiewicz Family House, Antałówka, Zakopane 3

I‘ve read this piece before Łukasiewicz, Tarski, Kotarbiński, Drewnowski, Sobociński, Dina Sztajbarg and 2 others (Hasasionówna [Janina Hossassion-Lindenbaum] and  someone unknown?)