Letter to Irena Krońska written in 21.12.1954

Prof. Roman Ingarden                                    v                                           Krakow, 12/21/1954
Krakow 2. Biskupia 14.


    v    Dear Ms. Irena,

    v            v        At your express request I send you attached my opinion of prof. Kołakowski’s dissertation which is supposed to serve as an “introduction” to the translation of Leibniz ‘s Nouveaux Essais. I also made sure to meet the deadline you gave me.
    v    However, I am not sending it officially, because I do not think that after the way in which my several months of work on translating Spinoza’s Ethics were treated by the translator I still have a reason to anonymously provide him my help.
    v    Over Christmas I am going to Zakopane for a few days, which is why I asked for a vacation leave approval certificate. I got it a few hours ago, for which I thank you and the Committee Office. I also received the signed contract for Condillac.
    v    I am glad that – as you say in your last letter – you are going on vacation for some time. I believe that you are a real miracle worker, always full of diligence and self-sacrifice and that you deserve some well-deserved rest. In fact, it is a pity, I believe that you are wasted on this dark work you are doing, but on the other hand the whole LCP affair would collapse if you reduced your participation in this work.

    v        v        v    I wish you the best rest, a peaceful Christmas, and a Happy New Year

Cordial greetings