Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 03.02.1962

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Cracow, 3/2/1962            86

Dear Władysław!

            I just received your letter, for which I thank you very much. I’m writing back immediately. 1. If you can just read through Makota’s paper, please do so. It’s clearly written ‒ generally concerning matters you know well, so you’ll be able to quickly orient yourself. It’s good, even if insufficiently profound. 2. I’ll conduct the discussions with Markiewicz in Życie Literackie [Literary Life]. 3. Morawski said Lissa would send a critical article about my work on musical works, and that he’d send me this article; he said this in September of last year. 4. Please let me know when you are leaving for the States and when you intend to be back in Poland. I need to know so that I can settle the matter of Gałecki’s habitation during the current academic year. Given Morawski’s refusal, it seems necessary that Iza Dąmbska should write, or Ms Łobaczewska. Ossowski promised to take part in the habil. process, but without the paper. He responded to my letter (…[O1] ), full of indignation because I had ‒ supposedly ‒ offended him. I wrote back in conciliatory fashion, taking the blame on myself, just in order to bring the habilitation to a finish. 5. The Csató article can be printed, but I’d like to add my remarks. Unfortunately, as of now I have to write reviews of habil. papers. 6. Make sure to write back explaining why there’s no Aesthetic Section in Warsaw. This is news to me.

                                  I send you cordial greetings

                                                                                    /signature/ Your R


Note at the top of the page:
There are no grounds for not having an Aesthetic Section in Warsaw!



[O1]Jest luka w oryginalnej wersji