Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 08.10.1962


Dear Władysław,

                       after returning home from Ms Makota’s defence of her paper, I found your letter, delivered only today, though sent on the 5th. The Dean hadn’t had any news from you; he agreed to read your review, but he postponed the rigorosum [related discussion] until your arrival. I don’t know where Mr Gałecki got the idea of telling you that Makota’s doctorate can take place without your presence. But it happened that way, greatly though we regret it. In any case, the defence was conducted very well and was accepted by unanimous resolution. Your presence is indispensible in connection with the rigorosum. Tomorrow I’ll give your letter to the Dean so that he can communicate with you directly. Of course, if it’s possible to arrange it so that you only have to come here once; that would be best. But I doubt that it would work. If you wouldn’t mind doing a brief review of Fr Tischner, I’d be very grateful. Gałecki’s date seems suitable to me, but I doubt that they could be done together at the same time. His work has undergone the first correction, but it won’t be ready by the second half of October, and the final resolution can be adopted only after the book’s publication. It’s no longer possible to put off the habilitation colloquium, because Gałecki’s been waiting for many months and his nerves are just about exhausted.

                       I’ve got to go to the seminar now, so I’ll close here. I’m glad you’ve returned and that we’ll see each other soon. In the second half of November, I intend to convene a General Assembly of the Aesthetic Section in Cracow with a series of papers. Can I count on a paper from you (nota bene, the final vote in the Gałecki matter may take place at that time)? Please send me information with the title of your lecture. I haven’t set the exact date of the General Assembly yet, because I’ve been waiting to communicate with you. Maybe we’ll decide on this matter when you come for Gałecki’s colloquium.

                                                                       For now, cordial greetings

                                                                                              Your Roman


Has Morawski returned yet? He’s supposed to have a lecture in the US

see over!


on Marxist aesthetics in Poland (..)[O1]



[O1]Tak w oryginalniej wersji