Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 10.06.1952

Rkp 1529

Cracow, 10/6/52

Dear Mr Władysław!

            Thank you very much for the letter and for the information concerning the possibility of finding accommodation in Polanica. I have a great desire to make use of this opportunity, but unfortunately, I’m in quite a lot of trouble due to the necessity of handing in 6 arkuszy[O1]  of the Kant translation on 30 June. At the moment I have 66 pages of completed text, and still need about 50 pages; at the same time, I’m correcting the translation done earlier, at the rate of (at most) 4 pages a day, but often less, depending on the interpretive problems that crop up within a given portion. Thus I don’t know whether I’ll be able to carve out these 2‒3 days this month for a trip to Polanica and the surrounding area. Maybe I’ll manage it, but I won’t be able to start until most of the work is done. Apart from that, Czeżowski’s lecture is supposed to take place around 21/6, so I have to be in Cracow then. I’d be very grateful if you’d be so good as to let me know the date you and your wife are leaving Polanica, because it’s not out of the question that I’ll make the trip at the very end of your stay, so we can then travel to Warsaw together for the meeting of the Editorial Committee, as to which, in any case, I have no definite information yet. On the 17th, there is supposed to be a general assembly of the Warsaw Philosophical Soc., not the Polish, as I had previously (mis)understood.

            I have one more request. Just now, an article by F. Grégoire in Revue Philosophique 1952, 1-3, on the subject of Polish philosophy, has come to hand. I’d like to know who he is, and whether he can read Polish or whether he based his entire article on second-hand information. That he was supplied with materials (Kotarbiński and Ziemski) from Warsaw is something he mentions himself. Because …,[O2]  however, mentions you in this connection as well, I suppose that you know the author of the article and are probably also informed about its genesis. If you’re aware of any details, I’d be very grateful if you’d graciously share your information on this subject. However, I’m mainly concerned with whether the author reads Polish himself, as well as, possibly, with his address. During the Polish Academy of Learning anniversary celebration, as far as I recall, there was someone from Belgium with a similar surname. Is it him? And is he a philosopher by profession?

            The Polish Academy of Sciences wants to take over the ‘materials’ of the Polish Academy of Learning as of 1/7. Today at the Polish Academy of Learning I was asked about the Philosophical Commission. I said only how things stand [O3] with regard to the Library of Classics; however, I didn’t know how matters stood with respect to the Archive of Polish Philosophy. Apparently, the material that has already been handed over for printing, or on which printing has begun, is supposed to be printed by the Polish Academy of Learning, and after 1/7 by the Polish Academy of Sciences. I also talked to Dobrowolski today about those two works of Aristotle (Ethics and Politics) ‒ whether the Polish Academy of Learning still wants to publish them under the auspices of its own firm ‒ but he didn’t take a very decided position in this matter. Among other things, he mentioned that the date of 1/7 of this year had not yet been definitively set.

            In Cracow, as well, it’s been raining most of the time, but it’s not raining now and there’s been a bit of sun the last couple of hours[O4] . Anyway, I’m sitting all day, working, though not productively enough. This Kant is really killing me. I haven’t written a summary of my last lecture yet, because there’s no longer any hope that it might still be printed by the Polish Academy of Learning.

I send best wishes for beautiful weather and a pleasant time, and I attach cordial greetings; please send my best regards to your wife.

                                                                                               /signature/ Roman Ingarden



[O1]Notatka będzie potrzebna
[O2]W oryg. m … , ale może on [Because he … ] [Because Grégoire] [???]
[O3]Oryg: jak się rzez ma, chyba jak się rzecz ma
[O4]Oryginalna wersja niejasna