Letter to Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 27.10.1961

Rkp 1529

Cracow, 27/10/61


Dear Władysław,

            I’d be very grateful to you for a few words about your wife’s health. I hope that at present only the matter of healing the broken bone is essential and that the other misery is already over.

            I was told recently that you’d published your lecture about expression abroad somewhere. Is that true? If so, I’d be grateful if you’d let me know where it was published, or, if possible, to the extent that you have free offprints, for an offprint, because it’s hard to get foreign journals here.

            We have three lectures in October at the Philosophical Soc. I haven’t yet called a meeting of the Aesthetic Section, because Szuman, who promised to prepare something for the Section, is sitting at home with a broken leg. It already seems to be better, but nevertheless he can’t leave the apartment. I didn’t go to Warsaw for the Polish Academy of Sciences meeting because I’m running a temperature in the evening, which is wearing me out, and I’m afraid of catching a chill. But I’m lecturing non-stop.

                                                                   Cordial greetings

                                                                                    /signature/ Your Roman