Postcard from Kazimierz Twardowski written 08.04.1923

Date of creation 8.04.1923
Related places Lviv, Warsaw
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Field philosophy

In Lviv, 8/4/1923

Honoured Doctor!

Thank you for your letters of 18/2 and 28/3 of this year. I’m responding briefly because today I’m leaving unexpectedly for Warsaw for a week and before I do I’d like to answer your question about the Congress. From your application, I gather that you’ve decided to take part in the Congress, and I’m very happy about that – it’s very important to me that you should attend. And so many applicants are going to drop out due to the fact that, despite our efforts, the Ministry of Railways has refused to grant discounts. ‒ Since we’ll be seeing each other before too long, we’ll talk about the issues raised in your letters. ‒ My wife thanks you for remembering her and sends her best regards. From me, please accept cordial greetings.

                                                                                                               K. Twardowski