Letter from Malvine Husserl written 14.01.1936

Freiburg i.Br., 14.I.36

n    n    Dear friend Ingarden,


n    We have not heard from you for a long time, and finally we received this joyous letter! Twice as joyous; first, because you were invited to a lecture at the German-Polish Institute and second, that we may look forward to a visit from you. It would be a great disappointment to your old teacher (and his wife, who was always been a good friend of yours) if something were to keep you from realizing your plans.80 Life is quite short for us and the possibilities of a reunion will soon be exhausted. We certainly have a lot to talk about and many important things to say. In the end, you might meet Jean Hering, who will arrive on Saturday the 25th, and depart on Monday the 27th. But, of course, that would not work well for you because your lecture is scheduled for the 24th. If you are not here at the same time as H[ering], we ask you to stay with us, because our guest room would be available during that time. Please organize your time according to your different plans; we will definitely make ourselves available.
n    Regarding your questions: 1.) Prague was a huge success. Such a warm, even enthusiastic reception from old a[nd] young Germans and Czechs alike was completely unanticipated. My husband held a four-hour lecture (the first half at the German, the second half at the Cz[ech] University). In addition, he spoke at all the scien[tific] organizations, such as Brentano-Gesellschaft, Cercle Linguistique, Cercle Philosophique, at Seminar Utitz, etc. As he was a guest of Cercle Philos[ophique], there was no contact with Carnap and the Positivists because the Cercle was founded and statutorily established in opposition to this lack of intelligence. The Prague lectures will be printed this week (they are to be featured as the first essay in the new international magazine Philosophisches Magazin81 whose editor Liebert is). Hence, you will be able to read it in the spring.
n    2.) Dr. Landgrebe is eagerly working on the transcripts and also on the publication of the “Logical Studies.”82 He will be arriving on the 23rd or 24th of this month (subsidized by the Cercle) and is planning to stay for about three weeks to pick up new manuscripts and discuss scientific questions. Therefore, you will be seeing him.
n    3.) Philosophers in Berlin? Except for N[icolai] H[artmann] there is Spranger. Köhler is in America, and P. Hoffmann is also gone. Bäumler is the philosophical leader. Helmuth Kuhn, a very clever man, was out of town giving lectures, but we do not know where he is right now. We will answer all other questions of yours in person. My husband is sending his warmest regards; he is once again deeply immersed in his work and does not currently have any time write to anyone. All the best for your presentation and I look forward to seeing you! We look forward to hearing from you soon. As always, yours faithfully,

M[alvine] Husserl

Please send my warmest regards to your dear wife.