Letter from Tadeusz Czeżowski written 3/3/1947

Date of creation 3.03.1947
Related places Lviv, Wrocław
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Field philosophy

Toruń, 3 March 1947

                               Dear Mr Roman!

           I thank you most cordially once again for your kind hospitality in Cracow. The trip to Wrocław was quite tedious, but I made it there without any mishaps and subsequently to Toruń. As for your books, I learned from Nikliborc that he had handed them over to Prof. Czerny when the latter was leaving Lviv, so he could send them back to you; accordingly, I asked Czerny to return both books and received a promise that he would look for them among others as soon as possible. At present he has gone to Wrocław for a week. Ajdukiewicz sent me corrections of articles from Studia Philosophica. The contents are clean; I’ve already sent the corrections back.-

                       Warmest expressions and cordial greetings, and a kiss for the lady’s hand