Letter from Władysław Tatarkiewicz written 13.04.1962

Warsaw, 13.4.1962


Dear Roman. Yesterday I sent a typewritten letter to Mr Csató , and today I’m turning to you with a new issue.

            Namely, Prof. Zachwatowicz approached me with a request to talk to his former assistant at the Warsaw University of Technology, Engineer Pospieszalski, who has now prepared ‒ or, rather, is preparing ‒ his doctoral thesis, but on the topic of a theory of art so general that it exceeds the range of interest of the University of Technology professors. Following this conversation, I came to the conclusion that the most appropriate forum in which Engineer Pospieszalski might present and discuss his ideas is the branch of the Aesthetic Section of the Polish Philosophical Society in Cracow that you direct. So I’m directing him to you, hoping that these things will interest you.

                                             I attach a handshake