Letter to Kazimierz Twardowski written 05.10.1923

Toruń 5/10/1923



Most Honourable Professor!


            Along with this letter, I’m sending the text of the polemic with Prof. Kotarbiński concerning the existence of ideal objects, which is meant to constitute an addendum to my dissertation ‘On Essential Questions’. I was still typing this text as of the end of August and was just waiting until I could prepare a summary of the dissertation itself and then send everything together at the beginning of October. Meanwhile, for the past month, I’ve hardly been able to work at all. Around 10 September, my father came to see me, and on the second day after his arrival he fell seriously ill. He’d caught a cold during the Commission on the Vistula and developed bilateral pneumonia. Since he’s 72 years old and has emphysema, immediately the situation looked very dangerous. For a time – stretching out over more than a week – we thought that despite all the efforts of his doctors, it wouldn’t be possible to save Father. Fortunately, Father’s system seemingly overcame the disease, because there’s been some improvement and in any case the immediate danger has passed. Since, however, this is so-called broncho-pneumonia, not croupous pneumonia, the disease may still drag out longer before it improves to the point of his being completely out of danger.

            Father’s serious illness required the most solicitous care on our part. Moreover, at the worst possible time, I had to interrupt my school work and, during the whole period of illness, to give up my work at home – especially since my wife is exhausted from her recent confinement, and now from several weeks of anxiety, troubles, and nightmares.

            Thus I’ve barely managed to review the text of the polemic with Prof. Kotarbiński, and I’m sending it so that you’ll have the whole dissertation at hand.

            I’ll send the summary by the 15th of this month at the latest; I hope that Father’s condition will improve to the point that I’ll be able to work a bit.

                       I enclose expressions of profound esteem

                                                                                                               Roman Ingarden


Did Prof. Czeżowski give any kind of answer concerning my doctoral diploma?

Husserl wrote to me recently ‒ very cordially. Apparently, he was summoned to Berlin, but refused the offer.