Ordinance of payment of professor’s salary written 14.12.1933″

14 December 1933

: 2486 ex 1933/34.
Re: relinquishment of property,
refunds, and personal files of                                   To
Prof. Dr Roman Ingarden

The Board of the
Lviv School District


       On 9 December of this year, the Ministry of Religious Denominations and Public Education sent the decree of nomination of Prof. Dr Roman Ingarden of 23/11/33, no. BP-17667/33, notifying him of his appointment by order of the President of the Republic of 27 October 1933 as an associate professor of the local University.
       The rectorate, wishing to order the allocation to Prof. Dr R. Ingarden of the official salary granted him, asks the Board – following the release of the nominee from his current duties as a teacher of the state middle school no. 2 in Lviv – to provide a statement of the above-mentioned receivables and returns and relinquish his record sheet and personal file to the Rectorate of the University.


From the Rectorate of the Jan Kazimierz University in Lviv.


Acting Rector.