Postcard from Malvine Husserl written 21.05.1931

Date of creation 31.05.1931
Related places Freiburg
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Field philosophy

Freiburg i.Br., 21.5.31

Dear Mr. Ingarden, I am going to reply to your k[ind] postcard, but first, I would like to thank you on behalf of my husband for your willingness to provide your thoughts on the Cart[esian] Medit[ations]. It would be helpful if you could send him your thoughts by mid-June. Please send them to Dr. Eugen Fink, Freiburg i.Br., Baslerstr. 32, Floor II, as we will probably not return before the 22nd. This way, Dr. F[ink] would be able to think your objections and/or additions through before we return. We are very happy for you that this autumn you will be liberated from your work at the school!
  n       Kindest regards from of us to you and your dear wife.

Yours, M[alvine] Husserl