Postcard to Kazimierz Twardowski written 29.05.1924

Toruń, 29/5/24.

Most Honoured Professor!

I was informed yesterday that the first four chapters of my paper, which I’d sent earlier, had already been sent to the printer. At the same time, I was informed that the title ‘Essentionale Fragen’ [German: Essentional questions] had been changed to ‘Essential’, [O1] citing the analogy of ‘existentia/ existential’. (This was written by a docent at the University of Freiburg, Dr O. Becker[O2] , who was supposed to review my dissertation in terms of language.) I asked Dr Mianowski which was proper; he declared himself in favour of ‘essential’, but didn’t give me a certain answer. Thus I’m hesitating over what to do, especially since there is no mediaeval Latin dictionary here. You mentioned in a conversation with Ajdukiewicz that apparently the word is ‘essentionalis’. I know that Prof. Witkowski [O3] was at the meeting of the Scientific Soc. Thus, for me it’d be a very interesting thing whether he noted, by any chance, that the term ‘essentional’ was inappropriate. Soon, some proofs will start coming in from Germany. ‒

I enclose expressions of profound esteem and respect


Maybe in this case it should have been changed into essencjalny in the Polish text?

[O1]W języku angielskim nie ma essentional, więc ta sprawa jest trochę niejasna dla czytelniku angielskiego
[O2]Oskar Becker (1889‒1964)
[O3]Stanisław Witkowski (1866‒1950)