Postcard from Malvine Husserl written 24.02.1938

Date of creation 24.02.1938
Related places Freiburg
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Subject matter personal issues
Field philosophy

Freiburg, 24.II.38

Dear Mr. Ingarden, Your k[ind] letter brought us a great deal of reassurance because we were seriously worried, considering that we had not received any letter from you for a long time including on New Year’s. Your last letter must have gotten lost in the mail.
 n   Unfortunately, I have bad news. My husband has been seriously ill since the beginning of August (pleuritis exsudativa), and after a slow advancement, a worsening has occurred since Christmas. His state of weakness is indescribable, and my heart is filled with worry. I am sure you will understand that I am only able to write a few lines.
n   Our daughter has been with us for a few weeks now. She left her family to be at the bedside of her beloved father.
 n   Best regards, your faithful friend

M[alvine] Husserl