Letter to Kazimierz Twardowski written 27.05.1924

Toruń, 27/5/24.


Most Honourable Professor!


I forgot to ask you yesterday to graciously notify me, as soon as possible following the first meeting of the Department at which the personal matters of my candidacy are discussed, whether this candidacy will be accepted, and when, in that case, the date for the colloquium term can expected to fall. I’m asking about this because I’d like to apply for a leave to travel to Lviv for the examination. For various reasons, I prefer to do this the official way, and that always takes longer. For various reasons it would also be nice ‒ provided, of course, it wouldn’t conflict with the schedule of the Department’s activities ‒ if the date for the colloquium could be set as late as 20/6, because I still have various things to read, and time is flying very quickly. On 3 July, I have to be in Wejherowo, where I’m supposed to lecture on mathematics to teachers. What bothers me the most is the history of philosophy, because I have too little historical setting and, as a result, too little practice in memorising facts. Moreover, at present I’m writing the habilitation lecture.

The question of my leave which I wrote about yesterday has been clarified. Specifically, Headmaster Mianowski thought that I wanted ‒ in addition to the present 5 days ‒ following the oral matura, which will take place between 2 and 5/6 ‒ leave for the rest of June. When I told him that afterwards I’ll ask only for the time I’ll need for the trip to Lviv, there were no further objections.

I’ll finish here, because work awaits.

I enclose expressions of true esteem and respect


R Ingarden