Postcard from Malvine Husserl written 21.10.1932

Date of creation 21.10.1932
Related places Freiburg
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Field philosophy

Freiburg, October 21, 1932

Dear Mr. Ingarden, My husband contacted N[iemeyer] regarding the printing of your work70 and I would like to inform you of the reply from N[iemeyer] who wrote: “I am certainly willing to publish the new work of Professor I[ngarden], and would like to ask you to have the author send me the manuscript at his convenience so I can review it and calculate costs for a proposal.” That sounds promising and I am sure it will certainly make you happy. Anyway, this solution is a better one for you, since the Yearbook may not be printed before spring. My husband is working on it diligently to make his intentions clear. What a dedication to the greatest difficulties!
    n Best regards to both of you!
           n                         n                         n               Yours cordially, M[alvine] Husserl