Postcard from Malvine Husserl written 25.02.1924

Freiburg i.B., 25.II.24

Dear Mr. Ingarden, Since my husband is too busy today to write, I am replying on his behalf to convey the following message:
   Your paper can, as soon as it is finished, be included in the Yearbook.18 We are currently printing a work by Miss Stein and yours will be next. We will inform Niemeyer of this plan. Therefore, please be sure to send your paper by early April (to my husband’s attention). Perhaps you could estimate the number of pages and let us know beforehand.
n    It’s great that it works out this well. Professor Heidegger’s contribution has been delayed due to his appointment to Marburg, and my husband’s paper will not be ready for publication until the summer semester.
n    We are very happy that nothing stands in the way of your habilitation and that you will finally be able to conduct consistent scientific work.
 n    We hope to see you soon in Freiburg. Bell, whom you probably know, also announced his visit for this summer.
n    Best regards, also to your wife!

Malvine Husserl