Postcard from Malvine Husserl written 9.12.1924

Date of creation 9.12.1924
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9.12.24 [Postmark]

Dear Mr. Ingarden, You must be thinking that I am very rude for not replying to you sooner. However, I had been feeling quite ill for a long time; hence, I had to postpone the completion of your request. Today, I mailed the package (with a declared value of 250 M.) after some difficulties, and I hope you will receive it undamaged and without delay.21 I was unable to fulfill your second request, because my husband has not been photographed for a long time, but he certainly intends to have pictures taken during the winter, and I will send you a picture of him then. My husband will finally write the long-promised detailed letter during the Christmas holidays; he has been working feverishly and as a result had to leave all of his correspondence undone. He intends to catch up during the upcoming holidays, which we will be spending in the Black Forest. I deeply regret that you cancelled your planned visit to Freiburg. It is quite different to meet and talk in person. You would have had to tell me all about your wife and your sweet children. We now also have a lovely grandchild in Berlin who visited us with my daughter and her husband. Our son (a lawyer) is now giving his first lectures in his first semester in Bonn, where he habilitated in July. He has already been married for one year and is married to a charming professor’s daughter from Göttingen (Tammann). Conditions in Germany have returned to normal, which is a relief for everyone. Warmest regards to you and your wife.

Malv. Husserl