Letter from Malvine Husserl written 5.04.1918

Bernau, 5 April, 1918

  n    n    Dear Doctor,

n    My husband entrusted me with answering your letter and replying to your friendly Easter greetings with this beautiful postcard with the image of Matejko, because he has been extremely busy for many weeks and he would like to complete the main work conceptually before returning home at the beginning of the semester. Bernau has once again proved to be an excellent choice; my husband is doing splendidly and has been in excellent shape since we arrived (we have been here since February 1). This allowed him to work creatively over nine hours a day2. We were also lucky enough to find such a quiet comfortable accommodation in this beautiful landscape, far away from the agitating restlessness of the present.The weather has been excellent; we have had wonderful snow, lots of sun, and hardly any rain.Therefore, it will be difficult for us to leave. However, duty calls us back to Freiburg at the end of April.
n    My husband is delighted regarding your renewed zealousness for the planned continuation of your dissertation and new works, as well as for the scientific discussions you organize in Krakow.There is no doubt that Miss Stein will support you linguistically.We do not yet know whether she will be coming to Freiburg or stay in Wroclaw this summer, as she offered to assist with Reinach’s movement work and perhaps publicize her own work.As soon as your dissertation is finished, my husband wants to make sure that it is printed immediately and that you have the necessary copies at your disposal;which marks the last phase for the doctoral degree.
n    The main thing, dear Doctor, is that you stay healthy and productive.Do not worry about anything and devote yourself completely to your thoughts. In this difficult, fateful time, one must protect one’s heart with a plate of steel so that it is not consumed by negativity.
n    I have had time and peace here in Bernau, and it was the first time for me to read the great work of Reymont that you gave us for Christmas.I have to say that this book made a tremendous impression on me.The intimacy of the Polish village with nature, the connection of peasant life with the ground, weather, seasons, and all the events caused by nature is presented with magnificent art and poetic forcefulness.At the same time, there is a level of suspense which is entrancing.It will be a joy for others to read this work. I am sure my husband will read the book once he gets a break from work.
n    Warm greetings and best wishes for the continuation of your work.

Malvine Husserl