Letter to Kazimierz Twardowski written 17.10.1927

Freiburg, 17/10/1927.


Most Honourable Professor!

                       Please forgive me for constantly assaulting you with my letters like this. However, in this case I have a request that’s very important to me with which I’m taking the liberty of turning to you. Namely, my wife has informed me today (in a letter written, nota bene, on the 11th of this month) that the municipality of Lviv has announced a Competition for the position of school doctor for public schools. My wife has already applied, and wished to go to Superintendent Riemer [O1] concerning this matter, but she was told at City Hall that the Superintendent doesn’t decide this matter. Well, as far as I know, Mr Dańcewicz is the chief inspector of public schools and might be able to help us in this matter. Unfortunately, I don’t remember Mr Dańcewicz’s exact address (I only know that it’s ul. St. Teresa [St. Theresa Street], but I don’t remember the number!), and I’m afraid to send the letter haphazardly. Thus, after some thought, I’ve decided to turn to you with a polite and very urgent request to graciously telephone Mr Dańcewicz, as well as for your gracious support of my wife’s application. For informational purposes, let me add that my wife served for three years as a school doctor at the State Seminarium for women in Toruń and that she was capable of duly fulfilling her duties, as evidenced by the fact that the chief inspector in sanitary matters, Dr Kopczyński[O2] , during his stay in Toruń, expressed his particular satisfaction, and moreover the Board of the Pomeranian School District sent its particular thanks and appreciation when she had to relocate to Lviv. If my wife were to obtain this position, it would change our financial situation to a significant extent, such that in future I wouldn’t have to take on lessons and lectures for 38 hours each week and could devote more time to original philosophical work. And this is absolutely necessary, because the recent years in Lviv and Toruń have pushed me back a long way from the standard. Moreover, my wife would have her own workplace, which would have a good influence on her psychologically. I’d be most grateful if you’d be so good as to help us in this important matter. I’d like to add that the competition ends 20/10, and the position will be open as of 1/11.

            I received your letter a few days ago, for which I thank you very much. I’ll answer it in substantive terms later, since I want to post the present letter as soon as possible.

            I enclose expressions of profound esteem and respect.

                                                                                                    Roman Ingarden


I’m staying here until the 29th of this month; I’ll send the next address immediately upon my arrival in Marburg.



[O1]Jan Riemer (1876‒1941)
[O2]Prawdopodobnie Stanisław Kopczyński (1873‒1933)